Linggo, Hulyo 30, 2017

Breakouts in my 30's

Most of you might be having nicer skin now that you are in your 30's. In my 20's I never had the problem except when I abruptly stopped taking birth control pills and my hormones was out of control. I went to my derma, Mediskin and everything was controlled.

When I reached my 30th birthday last year, I noticed I keep getting breakouts. I don't know why. It's been a year since I am fighting the breakouts. Not naman super rami but I am irritated at it.

I tried to remove the reasons why I break out.

1. Stopped taking whey or BCAA's for my
workout. Just one drink and I have pimples!

2. Not changing any make up like foundation, bb cream or concealer.

3. Not taking Whitening pills or anti aging collagen because I tend to break out and I don't know why.

4. Started eating healthier.

5. I am taking vitamins and minerals now and I will talk about it on another blogpost.

6. Establishing a skin care routine daily.

I am doing all of these things but still am breaking out. I am not stressed on work, and regarding on sleep deprivation, I am doing my best. I am still co-sleeping Heather so I still wake up in the middle of the night so I sometimes have crazy sleeping patterns. I have to wake up really early!! #mommyduties. I always try to take a nap in the afternoon to help my sleep problems.

Lately, I realize, maybe because I am doing super tiring workouts everyday and my body can't take the stress I put in my body. I can't stop crossfit because I love the training and the discipline.

Right now, I am just dealing with breakouts day by day and just not think about it.

I hope you can relate and hope you can also give me some tips!!!

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