Linggo, Hulyo 29, 2018

32 and Loving it

I can remember quite well my 20's. I was super lost and I don't know what will I be. I decided to let go of my nursing career and my dream to live in New York. I have two babies and I dedicated my life for them and be the shadow of my husband's growing business. 

I was always talking to my husband on what I wanna do, and he always supported me on what I want. He is the best! Imagine that some of my friends are having some career milestones, me at 26 years old is quite lost on my career path. I already knew that I want fashion and beauty but I don't know how to start.

After our wedding, I decided to open my own clothing store and everything fell into place. Now, I am happy with how my career is going. Hubby and me are working together on our business and is doing well. I still have my passion project which is my salon. With the right location, hopefully i can open my second branch. I am addicted to health and fitness and sometimes having sidelines like selling Herbalife, Frontrow International and Young Living Essential Oils.

I started really early on being independent so I guess, at 32 I am a pro at adulting!

Looking back I want what I have now than the very confused Farah in my 20's! I am proud to  say that me and husband never stepped on others just to get ahead from anyone. I would also want to think that we are good employers because I have many loyal and hardworking employees that I think that we will not be where we are if it was not for them.


1. Don't ever try on reacting to negative people. They would love it and they want you to go down with them. Misery loves company.

2. Learned to fix problems and approach it in a more level headed manner. I was always the emotional one. Everyday I learn that no one will be as fair as me. Everyone will disappoint me at some point. Stress might kill me so don't make a big deal on every little problem that come my way.

3. Being organized is the best thing I ever did. From work, to-do lists, time management, cleaning the house and scheduling my kids, I feel like a superwoman!!!

4. I am now super selective on what I give my full attention to. Preserving my energy to positive things is my priority. Life is so short!

Everything I did in my 20's made me who I am today and it gave me proper tools on this next chapter.

So to those who are lost like me in their 20's or even now in your 30's, just hang in there. God will just guide you on your destiny, as long as you will have motivation. 

Hardwork beats talent. 

It is not about the salary but how much you save.

Stay focused on your goals and remove toxic people who tried to distract you from it.

Be Kind.


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