Martes, Hulyo 10, 2018

A good investment: Sunnies Specs

Since I started being a digital nomad, I experienced eye straining for days last month. Sometimes, I work for consistent 6-8 hours with only water breaks and cuddle time with my kids, specially if its a busy day, like Tuesdays because its the weekly report.  My eye started to feel so tired, I got a little bit dizzy and I feel so tired. 

So I decided to try and check out Sunnies Specs if I have a problem with my eye already. It turns out that I don't have a  grade yet, but if I will not be careful and consistent with taking care of my eyes, I will have to upgrade my glasses! I am proud of how I took care of my eyes since highschool, so now, I am really doing my best to make sure that it will still be as good as I want it to be. I don't want to wear glasses while going out.

So the optometrist in Sunnies Abreeza discussed with me that I should get the glasses with blue light to protect me from computers and phones while working. Drink my vitamins and vegetables, specially kalabasa and rest my eyes every 20 minutes. If I ever feel eye strain, I should look on green plants to relax my eyes. She also suggested to upgrade my glasses to Crizal which reduces glare and scratch resistant.

The basic price of the Sunnies Specs: P1,999
Add P1,000 for Crizal lens.

I love how it looks modern and stylish while working. Hubby loves it because I look like a sexy librarian. LOL.

So, for me its a good investment and since I started wearing my glasses while working, I never had a problem with eyestrain.



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