Sabado, Hulyo 7, 2018

Mommy Guilt

This was a lazy Saturday. I just took a bath, ate my favorite food and had a super 2 hour massage with our neighbor masahista. As my husband told me today that I had to book us to Bacolod, and it might be a longer one as we are having our changes in our other branch. I quickly felt one of my hatest feeling.. and it is GUILT. Even though I spend most of my time with them, I really feel that everyday is not enough. I just want to be with them forever. If I could hold them 24/7 I would. But we have to think about our future and the life that we want to have as a family. As the kids will grow old, I could not even imagine myself if they choose to spend their time without me and I am left here in the house feeling resentful because I never did anything for myself and never contributed in our financial situation. So, everyday, I balance this motherhood and career thing. I also want to have something for myself that I can be proud of. I have to remind myself that my kids are gonna be fine. 

I know they are in good hands with Ate Ruthy and I hope that they will be fine.

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