Biyernes, Setyembre 21, 2018


So sorry for the lack of posts, I was a busy bee for 3 weeks, I was preparing for my mom's 60th birthday!

My mom and sister just went back to US last September 19, so I just worked my ass yesterday. Today, I have a little bit of alone time that's why I have I can write a little bit!

I am addicted to routine and being productive, I believe that I don't want to waste anyone's time, either do mine! So I love to be organized as I can. I am not perfect, I have my lazy days, but I also love having accomplishments, either small or big..

1. FOCUS. Facebook Messenger is very reliable than texts nowadays. I pick my battle on which to reply first. Choose the TOP 3. Then answer some within the day. I reply on the most important first, specially every morning right after I wake up. Don't ever reply on unimportant or dramatic stuffs in the morning because it can ruin your day. Stop mindlessly checking the facebook or instagram newsfeed, you will fall into the rabit hole of wasting time or being jealous of someone's perfect feed.

 2. PLANNER. I have lots of things to do within the day, and I need this planner so much to record what I did. Sometimes I forget what I did in the past months, so I really make sure I write everything down. Our brain is not perfect so I prefer to not rely on my memory anymore. I usually write down what I am going to do within the week so I have less stress. If you have a free time you can crush it out so that your anxiety level will be lower. I feel really good everyime I can crush some things off my list!

3. BE ORGANIZED. The reason I can do it all is because of this one secret. Routine is when you put back your items where they belong, do your tasks regularly and sticking to it. Selecting times and days to do those chores and maximizing every possible minute. For me, being with my family is the top priority. So usually every night, I want to be free in order to spend time with them one on one. Since I almost  finished everything within the day because of schedule, I am able to become a great mom.

4. TAKE A PICTURE. Everyday we have lots of important receipts, and important numbers like SSS, Philhealth TIN or Pagibig, etc etc.. So what I do, I take a picture of it and put it in a separate album, So in time that I need it, I can just scan the receipts or important numbers in my album. If you put it in a notebook, sometimes you will leave it in the house. Since cellphones are the most reliable and you will probably not forget, you should keep it there.

5. GOVERNMENT AND ESTABLISHMENTS PAYABLES. If you plan to pay in the bank or government agencies, I usually go on lunch break or 3-5 pm time, there are lesser people falling in line around that time. When my errands are in the mall I usually go there at around 10 am to avoid long lines. 

6. APPS APPS APPS! There are lots of Apps outhere to keep you organized! It can help you in your workload. My favorite are EVERNOTE and QUIP.

7. DON'T GIVE UP.   Giving up is not an option in life. We only live once and you should do everything in your power to be able to achieve your goals and even dreams. You don't want to get old and have some regrets. You know what I mean.  They say an idle mind is the devil's playground. Down time will lead to boring time. Boredom leads to destructive things. We either gossip, get jealous of others and become depressed.  It is important that you become productive because you will feel good about yourself. I would rather be busy than be a bored mama. 

8. HAVE A POSITIVE MINDSET. If you have a negative mind, you will not get anything done. Always believe that you can do it. Make yourself proud!!!

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