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Hello, Hello everyone!!! If you had the chance to watch my Facebook live last night talking about my updated skin care routine, you might want a closer look on the products that I'm using. I had a tons of PM's from some of my facebook friends and now I am just gonna post it here.

  Ivory Soap - I wash my face with this soap since college. I tried the famous Kojic soap and it gave me lots of big pimples. I can describe my skin as normal, sometimes sensitive. No matter what, I always return to Ivory. Also, my husband always use this one too.

1.  Mediskin Clarifying Astringent - I always use this one to cleanse my face after Ivory, it removes the dirt that Ivory cannot penetrate.

2. Porcelana Astringent Toner - I love Porcelana. So many women in Davao use this now. It's like Maxipeel but milder. Some women have pinkish and porcelain skin because of it, but since I consistently stop whenever there is an upcoming beach trip, I still did not get the pinkish look. I am not after the pinkish but it gives me a Korean Look! Super Love it. This one changed my skincare. It is super affordable. Only P75.It is only available at HB1 stores or small pharmacies.

3. Caudalie Paris Facial Mist Spray - I just wanted to try the facial mist and I feel moisturized and relaxed everytime I spray this in my face. I usually put it after the Clarifying Astringent or after the Porcelana Toner.

4.Porcelana Whitening Night Cream - This night cream makes my skin more whiter. It's like the usual bleaching cream, but its really good that I did not have breakouts with this one. Some bleaching creams gave me breakouts like Beauche.

5. The Face Shop White Seed Moisturizer - It is currently my favorite!!! I just love that it is not that sticky!! I love more water based moisturizers than creamy ones because again, I tend to breakout. It gives me a glowing skin because Porcelana tends to dry my skin.

6. Skin Food Super Berry Night Cream -  I got this cream on sale!!! Of course when you turn 30 you should try to fight aging and put on some eye cream. When we get old, we get crows feet under the eyes so we should start now!

7. Olay 7 in 1 Moisturizer - Since Olay is a little bit creamier and more on the oily side, I always put it in my neck and chest. One of the things that women forget when they have their night skin care routine is putting on moisturizer on the neck and chest area and we just focus on the face. But as we grow older, we tend to notice the age of a woman on her neck and hands.

8. The Face Shop Hand Cream in Green Tea or Cherry Blossom -  I just started putting on hand cream because I realized that it is not as soft as before. My friends usually give me compliments on how soft and smooth my hands are. But now that I am older, I realized that its not that soft anymore so now I am trying this hand cream thing. Any suggestions on good hand creams?

Here are some pictures of me with no make up just eyebrow and liptint.

while waiting for my doctor

Just woke up. literally no make up just liptint.

Just sunblock, liptint, eyebrow and ABH highlighter on my cheeks.



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