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Friendship Guide: How to Keep and Make Friends in Adulthood

When we are still in school, we get to see our friends every day. We do things together and just have some wonderful memories. When adulthood comes knocking and all of us still tries to navigate our journey, staying friends with our so-called BEST FRIENDS becomes hard.

In times like this, you might feel that you and your friends will drift apart. You might feel like you are not in the same page anymore. Maybe your friend prioritizes their career, or they have a new-born that needs to be taken care of. Some of your friends are prioritizing their new boyfriend or husband and is the jealous type and does not want to go out with you anymore. How to remain friends with them? What if your so-called true friend treats you no good, a user or tries to compete with you?
If you feel that you and your friend are drifting apart, there comes a time that you re-evaluate your friend or even yourself if you want to cut ties or you want to keep the friendship.

When you have a problem with change and you and your friend have different life event that you can’t relate, it does not mean that you will stop being friends. Just be mindful of each other’s current situation and just schedule some right time whenever its possible. In this time, you can Facebook message or slide into their DM’s on Instagram to your friends and just say Hi to them and tell them how much you miss them, and that you are thinking about them. Maybe on the proper time, you can have some girl bonding and your friendship bond will be stronger.

Sharing words of wisdom is also great in friendships. Like in my situation, I was the first one to get married and had a baby in my friends, so I really try to give advice to my friends who are in that new chapter.  Always keep your helpful tips ready. We may have different life paths but it does not mean that your friendship will end.

It does not mean that if you are able to give a message on FB or instagram, everything is fine. Just like any relationship, friendship needs time to for it to grow. Try not to be disappointed if your bonding needs to be scheduled at least a week in advance because we all have responsibilities. You need to let them know that you want to be part of their lives. Schedule at least once a month or once in two months for your friends. Don’t deny it but you need it too.

When you re-evaluate your friendship, and you feel that the friendship serves as a season to your life then learn to let go. It will be healthier for you to remove that toxic person in your life. It may be a very hard thing to do, because no matter what, they were a part of your life but you have to have that conversation and let go of the friendship. Whether that person involves drugs, alcohol, treating you badly or just a Negative Nancy. Life is so short to be friends with that person. Who knows, they might change by learning thru you.

In your new chapter, you will meet lots of people. Whether it’s the mommy of kid’s classmate or your gym buddy, opening yourself up to new friends create a new enriching relationships. You will be surprised how you are able to have the same interests and you’ll bond so much! You can also seek some advice from another’s perspective. 

Every friendship is different, so I hope I was able to help you. You will know from your heart if you still want to be friends with that person. You may feel bad about yourself at first, but once you realize that your life is much better and healthier when you end the friendship then you will be just fine. Move on.

Sincerely Yours,

Budget Barbara

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