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Ciaccona in Davao - Learning Violin Class for your Kids

Hi Everyone! I just had a wonderful experience yesterday. Heather had her first trial class in Ciaccona in Davao - Learning Violin.

Encourage your child now to engage in classical music and learn it from a Japanese Violin Teacher.

Here is their FB account: https://www.facebook.com/CIACCONA2018/

Her sensei is a very good teacher and he is such a professional.

They are using a high quality violin from Japan.

He even let my husband try and experience his artisan violin.

They look so cute together!

They charge P6,000 for 8 sessions.

You will be given a quality violin lesson for sure.

The couple are super kind and accomodating.

If you are interested, kindly message them on their FB account:


Sincerely Yours,

Budget Barbara

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